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Your roof and your siding sustain the most damage after a storm. As a reliable roofing contractor in Rapid City, we provide comprehensive storm damage repair services. We’ll make sure that your residential or commercial building is in good shape. 

After a storm, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to check your roof and siding for possible damage. However, this is a daunting task and it would be difficult for you to see the damage from a street point of view.

If you want to make sure that you won’t miss any damaged spots, all you have to do is to give us a call and we’ll provide you a free quote and estimate. We’ll check everything to make sure that your home or building is safe. We’ll ensure that your property is ready before the next storm comes!

Different Types Of Storm Damages

Different types of storm damages that are common in Rapid City, South Dakota:

  • Hailstorm damage
  • Snowstorm
  • Wind damage from storm or tornadoes
  • Damage caused by falling debris
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Hail Damage

Hailstorms will leave your roofing and siding system with large cracks. Even the most durable roofing and siding material can be severely damaged due to a strong hailstorm. If cracks are present and stay unnoticed or neglected, water might seep in and spread to other parts of your home or building.

Wind Damage

A strong wind caused by windstorms or tornadoes can damage your roof as well as your siding. After a storm, make sure to check your whole roof for missing components that could’ve been blown off by strong winds.

Debris Damage

Falling debris such as trees or branches that were blown off by strong winds can cause severe damage to your roofing system. In case of a fallen tree or big debris on your roof, do not enter the property until an evaluation or inspection has been done to make sure that everything’s safe.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Metal roofs help improve the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property. However, aesthetics is a personal preference, but you’ll never go wrong with metal roofs since it adds more value to your property!
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We Can Help You

Your home and business are a huge investment and it keeps you, and your belongings safe and protected. Our commitment is to provide you with a fast storm damage solution for your residential and commercial property.

Insurance Claims Assistance

We’ll assist you with your storm damage insurance claims process. We know how it’s stressful and frustrating dealing with insurance companies. We’ll evaluate the severity of the storm damage in your property. 

We’ll document everything to make sure that your insurance company covers everything that needs to be repaired. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you and your claims adjuster to discuss everything that needs to be done.

Work With Professionals

After a storm, it is essential to walk around your property and check for visible damages. Your roof is one of the most important functional elements of your home or business. If you determine minor or major damages on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us today for a free quote and estimate and we’ll be providing a comprehensive evaluation of your property and discuss with you the best possible solution.
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